Here’s a quick update on my 30 days towards building a better business:

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10/21- Reorganize/ create a plan– took a look at a few services I was paying for monthly put simply hadn’t been able to fully use them. Canceled the underused services and as a result that’s $30 a month saved.

10/22- Write an article/ blog– took a little time to get caught up. Thank heavens for autopost.

10/23- Use your website– this should be obvious for someone who redesigns websites. I would say at least once a year I end up fixing someone else’s website because it was set up poorly to begin with. I’m pretty busy with performing and producing so I don’t really seek out web design, though I really enjoy it. With all of that said, every 4 months I take another look at my website with fresh eyes. Do the colors still work? Does it feel cluttered? Can visitors find things with ease? What’s the focus of the site? Is there anything outdated? My business moves so fast now that every months isn’t going to cut it. I’m going to have to make this a monthly task.


10/24- Video 5 mintue how to– well I’m pretty sure this has been on my “to do list” for 2 years. Sadly, it’s still on the list.