So October’s 30 day Challenge saw a lot of things in motion, but I’m hoping November’s 30 day business challenge will be more about automation and completion. After all I have some sewing I was supposed to do for a friend and I’ve had the items in my posession for almost 1 year. That’s way to long for a project that should have been out the door in 3 weeks.

So here’s what I’ve got so far:

Nov 1st- Expand Community- so it should be abundantly clear I do a lot in the burlesque community. As I’ve expanded my business and my brand to a different town, I decided to invite the artist who have helped me in navigating that town, to use my network to promote their own businesses. So far no one has taken me up on that offer. However, these people are on my referral list and I will continue to referer their services to others. Not only is it good karma, but maybe they will in turn refer others to me for jobs they are unavailable for.


Nov. 2nd- Dedicate 15 minutes to Follow Up- this day went by quickly. I contacted a few pending contracts to find out what the status was (succesfully booked 1 and rejected 1. more on that later). Trying to decide if a follow up gift after each event is appropriate or is the holiday season a better idea. Need to make up my mind and put the system into place. This is what I mean by automation. Make a plan, try it out, let it roll, get into a habit and a groove.


Nov. 3rd- 60 min me time- I woke up on time, but the powers that be made me 15 minutes late for every appointment. I hate being late. It’s unnecesary stress. I barely survived this day , but I think I spent a few minutes with my cats and then had a nice dinner with my husband. As my business grows “60 min me time” will become more important.


Nov. 4th- Financial Forecast 2014- It was a numbers day. Had to take a serious look at what kind of marketing I can afford. My marketing budget has been greatly reduced since the summer and it’s now more crucial than ever to get the word out. What’s stopping me from rebuilding my marketing? Well, right now that money is going to be redirected from “product maintenance”  (can’t have nice postcards with an ugly photo), to brand credibility.

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