Want a Burlesque or Moulin Rouge themed Party?

Professional Performer & Experienced Producer, The Luvely Rae, has helped many men and women with making their party dreams come true.

Often I get phone calls/ emails where the first question is “how much”.  But before thinking about what it will cost we first need to determine what is is that you want. After all if money were no object, some of us would make different decisions. So for now, let’s just say, money is no object. Take a look at the questions below:

Jamming to live Music by Terry Waldo. Photo by Max Neko
Jamming to live Music by Terry Waldo. Photo by Max Neko

What’s the Occasion?

  • Birthday Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bachelor Party
  • Moulin Rouge Party
  • Girls Night
  • Sweet 16
  • Wedding Reception
  • Honeymoon
  • Product Launch
  • Store Grand Opening
  • Corporate Holiday Party
  • Guys Night

 Next let’s take a look at the type of talent you want.

What kind of performance?

*Burlesque Performance
*Cabaret Performance
*Belly Dancer
*Go Go Dancer
*Dance instruction
*Burlesque Lesson
*Mini Show (30 minutes)
*Full Show (60-90 minutes)
*Striptease Lesson
*Pole Dancer
*Go Go Dancer
*Ballet Dancer
*Ballroom dancer

So now we know why we are doing what it is we’re doing, but remember the sky is the limit so tell me, what trimmings would you love to have.

What extras would you like?

  • Fire Performer
  • Contortionist
  • Magician
  • Live band
  • I don’t know, just a couple of awesome performers
  • Really fancy costumes
  • Please embarass the birthday boy!
  • Please embarass the bride to be!

 Got your answers? Good. Now, you are ready to book Rae. You’re welcome to take a look check out my rate card and of course take a look at my video page video page which offers just a sample of my work. You can also Google me. That’s right, run my name through the search engines and you’ll see for yourself that I’m no new kid on the block.

“Shimmying since 2006.”

I do offer discounts for Non Profit groups and for events booked 60 days in advance so just fill out the form below and let’s make some magic. Remember, no request is too far out there.

Whatever it is if I haven’t already done it, I’ve probably been asked to, so don’t be shy.

Check out Rae’s Burlesque Demo reel:


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