Thinking of  developing a sexy dance routine for your loved one?

Are you prepping for that big audition, but unsure how to capture the sensuality of the character?

Want to develop a burlesque routine but not sure how to get started?

Eager to find a sexy workout that will left your spirit while shaping your bum?

Are you a burlesque performer who is looking to add more dance moves to your bump and grind?


Whether you’ve never performed in your life, just looking to perform in your private life, looking to get started in burlesque, looking for a sexy workout, or looking to jazz up your current burlesque portfolio The Luvely Rae is happy to assist. With over 5 years burlesque experience, 10 years performance experience, and 15 years dance experience, The Luvely Rae can help you set free your inner glamor girl and spark ideas for your own dance routines.

“It’s easy to have someone teach you a dance routine. With practice you can duplicate exactly what was taught. I’m not a ‘dance teacher’, I’m a ‘dance instructor’. I will provide you information that you can use to create your own work of art. This is why professional performers like taking my classes. Not because I’m going to ‘teach them’, but because I will test them. I’m pretty approachable. Anyone who’s been to one of my shows will agree with this. When a woman walks into my class and tells me she never wears high heels because she feels clumsy. I show her how she can feel fabulous without any shoes at all. We have fun. Yes, I strongly believe that being physically fit will make you a better dancer/ performer. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a size 0. One of the great things about burlesque is that performers come in all shapes and sizes.”

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