Questionable art show in Brooklyn. Crappy customer service and tasteless food at Mary O’s (really a 35 minute wait for a cold salad). A slow day of dancing. And now all I want to do is take a nap so I can dance the night away with Sake Fevah, Tess Trueheart, Foxy Vermouth, Apathy Angel, and Bitty Bamboo at The Luvely Rae’s One Night Stand. The show has had over 120  performers in the past 3 years. That’s a lot of glitter. I’ve met some wonderful people (met a few stinkers too, but that’s show biz) and I’m looking forward to year number 4. If you don’t have Tuesday night plans then stop by Sapphire Lounge. Show starts at 8:30pm, and I’ll be doing a “pretty” routine. Working out a new crazy routine, but the costume won’t be done until next month.