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with The Luvely Rae

Ah The Voice. Admittedly it is my reality tv guilty pleasure. I do not own a TV and I produce live entertainment, any television consumption should be me studying great actors in dramatic works of art on PBS. But for some 3 months, I’ve been eager to see if my favorites will make it to the next round on The Voice. I got hooked last season when I came across the vocal stylings of Jordis Unga and Juliette Simms. Ladies please finish recording your albums soon so I can buy them.

Not much rocked my world this season, but there’s no denying my deep admiration for the 17 year old with the “Golden Gap” (hey, Madonna still embraces her toothy space). Melanie Martinez doesn’t belt or do diva runs. She doesn’t just sing the damn song the way it was originally written (Cassade Pope you are boring me to tears), and she doesn’t wear pants. Seriously, did you ever see her wear pants? Even though she didn’t have the strongest voice she certainly took the awards for most original song revision, best set design, best artistic vision, and down right cutest wardrobe. Yes, I’ve purchased some of her tracks. Not because I wanted to cast a vote but because they are good songs and in some cases better than the originals.

Thanks Melanie Martinez, for inspiring me with your art and for bucking the trends. You may be out of the competition, but you’re still on my playlist. Now go record an album so you can make killer music videos to go with the tracks.

Tell me what you think. Should Melanie have been booted? What are some of your favorite songs that have been restyled by other artist?
Coolest Melanie Moments: