Day 18: I made a list of the different ways I could get an outside review. For example: I could meet with a more seasoned professional dancer for feedback on my work. I can arrange to meet with a colleague for honest feedback on my work. I could also contact someone from a different art medium (like a photographer or costumer) and ask for feedback on my work. Costuming is something that I’ve been struggling with for a while. I often run out of time to finish costumes or run out of funds to enhance costumes. There are less skilled performers making more money simply because they have their “package” down right. A photographer can give me feedback on the look I’m presenting overall. Maybe I do need those over the top false eyelashes to create a stronger stage presence.

Day 19: This was indeed a busy day and a strange way to spend “quality time” with anyone. I received a phone call from a friend who was in a bit of a pickle. Her flight was delayed and her cats needed tending to. After checking on the cats, I had a meeting with a dancer from my troupe. Then I rushed to the studio where I ran auditions for more troupe members. The purpose of spending quality time with 2 friends is that as a small business owner, it seems very easy to lose track of what is happening with friends who are not small business owners. I’d like to give this one another try.

Day 20: This was what my husband and I referrer to as a “do-do day”. I had a lot to do, which I did do. Reorganized my costumes a bit (I have more dresses than I realized), made follow up phone calls (task from 10/8), compiled my lost sales and projects rejected (task from 10/14), looked at my budget again, and started a referral list (task from 10/16). I also managed, choreography, contract negotiation, laundry, and just cleaning up my house. I did not manage to “share a photo”. I’m okay with that though.

Day 21: Started the day by filling all of my casting needs, then found myself stuck when it came to updating 2 websites. That’s right, stuck. I know what needs to be done, but mentally, I just don’t feel inspired to do it. I just reached out to a few friends for some advice on Website maintenance overload. Normally, I would say there is too much on my plate and simply hire someone to take some of my workload. I’d like to make it through the holiday season without having to increase staff. Instead I want to put more money towards marketing. Now time to go back to my list of “areas to improve” and reevaluate my plan. Um, I have a plan right?