So this week quickly went from mellow to crazy town. As a producer and a perform I’ve learned to “expect the unexpected” and in NY there’s a lot of unexpected.


Today’s Tip: Self Doubt is not attractive

That probably sounds obvious, but I’ll give you a quick story. I hired a performer for a very easy gig. The chances of a few minutes of chaos were pretty good, but at worst it would be 2 hours out of this person’s life and the pay was 3 times what the normal rate would be. I’m paying more because I want this to go smoothly and for it to be worth this persons time. Somehow this person went from super solid to super hmmm.

Don’t say you “should be able to make it” to rehearsal. Speak in the affirmative, “I will be there” or if you can’t make it for a legitimate reason then say so.

Don’t say you have a skill which you don’t. Saying, “I think I can. I should, but if I don’t, because I haven’t in awhile and I might freak out–” Red Flag! If you are a pro, then even when you aren’t at your best you should be able to say, “I can, but it won’t be my best, because I haven’t in awhile.” Spending 5 minutes explaining why you might not be able to is super unattractive and may cost you the job.

This was not a burlesque assignment by the way. But the “Self Doubt” rule applies to burlesque and business. Imagine if your Boss asked you to prepare a report for Monday (first step to big promotion) and you respond with, “Um, well I haven’t done that before, and I should be able to get it together, but maybe if I don’t, if I can’t, um, is that bad.” Say bye bye to that promotion