Tuesday’s Titilating Business Tips
with The Luvely Rae

The other day I got an email out of the blue requesting my presence for a commercial. Now I haven’t auditioned for commercials in many years because I’ve been too busy dancing and producing. It would have been very easy for the person who contacted me to simply give up on reaching me, when they realized my cell number didn’t work (changed phone numbers over the years, it happens). This person went out of their way to email me and for that I was grateful.

Business Tip #3

Show gratitude when someone does something awesome for you.

In the corporate world, when it comes to the holiday’s we’re all quick to think about getting that holiday bonus, and thanks to Secret Santa you won’t have to find small gifts for the 50 people in your office that you don’t know. But what about the people who make your work easier? The person who delivers your mail and a joke every afternoon. The colleague who covers your calls when you get sick. Even the bus driver you see every morning who gets you to work on time. If someone goes out of their way to make your day a little easier don’t forget to say thanks. You don’t have to buy tons of presents to say thanks to these people, sometimes a hand written note or simple heartfelt words are more than enough. Why? Because so few people genuinely give thanks when they don’t have to.

One of the best I’ve had as a producer was when a burlesque performer handed me a little card following the show. I handed her, her pay, and certainly didn’t expect her to hand me something back (actually I thought it was a business card at first). But no she handed me a cute little pink envelope bursting with beautiful words of gratitude. Would I hire again? Yes! Would I recommend her to others? Yes. Would I say that about every performer who gave me a card? Nope. This card was special and genuine. Had it been a generic attempt at connection it would have been discarded.

Burlesque Tip #3

Genuine gratitude can go along way and put you at the top of booking list.

What are some of the ways you’ve genuinely showed gratitude? Do you believe your thoughtfulness paid off? Comment below or tweet @theluvelyrae