Here’s a little something new I’m trying with The Luvely Rae’s blog. Tuesdays I’ll share a Titillating Business Tip.

11/27/12: Titillating Tip- Punctuality

This week’s tip from The Luvely Rae is super simple, but packs one hell of a punch. Be Punctual. As someone who has been late to many a shitty customer service job (hey, I wasn’t born on the stage, I paid my dues and um, my rent),  it may seem like the pot is calling the kettle black. Let me break it down:

1) Regrets– I hate being late. Seriously. I hate stressing about being late. The confrontations that may result my being late, and I hate absolutely hate waiting for someone who is running late. My motto is, live life with no regrets!

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Running late again? photo © auremar –


2) Planning– There are only 2 reasons why someone will be consistently late. Notice I said “consistently”. Either…

a) the person running late just hasn’t prioritized the appointment


b) the person running late doesn’t consider the appointment a priority.

Yep, read that last one again. I’ve been late for many shitty jobs because that job was not a priority. Do I routinely show up late for performances or classes? No. I have had my share of transportation drama (sometimes do to my not carefully calculating travel time), but when I’m running late for something I care about I immediately begin to have regrets .

3) Have I lost work because of tardiness? Yep. Have I fired people for tardiness? Yep. Being on time is a great way…

for a performer to get rebooked for a show

for a job seeker to get called back for a second interview

for a corporate worker to stand out when it comes time for employee review (pay raise!)

With Newspaper headlines changing daily about the security of the job market,  being on time for something you love can lower your stress and give you an advantage over the competition.

Not loving what you do? Time to change it up. Take a moment to tell me what you “really really want” to do and I’ll take a moment to give you some ideas on how to “zigazigah“.  Share it in the comments section or tweet it @theluvelyrae and I’ll holla back.



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