Tuesday’s Titillating Business Tips with The Luvely Rae


Here’s a quick update on my 30 days towards building a better business:

Day 1: I made my list

Day 2: I made my 2 do list and immediately checked a few items off within 20 minutes

Day 3: I made my budget and wanted to cry

Day 4: I was still thinking about my budget. Still wanting to cry, I did not find anything fun to put into action.

Day 5: Tied up with rehearsals and costumes, I didn’t create a contest. Yes, I was still thinking about that budget.

Day 6: I gave a young lady directions. Apparently, she found that people in New York often gave her the wrong directions. I was glad to not be that asshole.

Day 7: Totally woke up late, but in my defence I woke p early on Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5, so that’s got to count for something. Went back to my To Do list and checked some stuff off. List of 85 things is down to 60. Some things can’t be done without changes to my budget. Costumes and props at the top of my list.

Day 8: I did an email follow up with clients who had upcoming parties. I used to do an email follow up with parties I just finished but most people don’t fill out the review form. I’ve now taking to texting people, they always confirm they are pleased, though it would be good to have these reviews on a public site. I also had a tech rehearsal this night.