Tuesday’s Titillating Business Tips
with The Luvely Rae


I hope you’ve tried a few of the challenge’s from October’s 30 day challenge (yes there are 30 days in October). Writing my updates and having the Challenge Calendar on hand helps remind me that I am obligated to do what I said I would. November’s 30 day Challenge has prompted me to explore a little business tip. So here it is…

Titillating Business Tip #12: Build your Brand. Build your brand Credibility

Everyone talks about Branding. Actors can take whole workshop on finding their signature color which they should wear at the audition and the callback. Making sure that signature is on their website, headshot, resume, business card. Having a sound bite to say when people ask what they do. I do really buy into the color theory, but one thing I do believe is that if the actor feels more confident having these tools, it is the confidence that is remembered and books the job.

So you kow what Brand is, but what is meant by “Brand Credibility”?

If you are an actor, it’s not really easy to stand out as “the actor who wears green”. There may be others who have that same signature color. But if you are an actor who’s brand is “the go to guy for Welsh & Cockney dialect for voice overs”, that says a lot more. Now let’s say the audition is full of British actors and American actors all claiming to be able to speak true Welsh. What makes you “creditible”? Does your resume say that you went to a Welsh speaking school, you’ve written for BBC Radio Cymru, you’ve taught Welsh to kids, or even that you translate plays into Welsh for an audio series? If it does, then you’ve established credibility for yourself and credibilty can go a long way in helping your business grow.

Now let’s apply Brand Credibility to my other types of work:

Established Office Worker- You’ve been handling accounts for the company for years. Everyone at work knows you are good at what you do, but you’re looking to grow. Maybe you want new accounts, more accounts, a raise, a new job, or just more work asking you to speak as an authority on what you do. Establish Credibility. Have you won any awards at work? Are your account numbers better than average? Is there a certification course you can take (Six Sigma folks, I’m looking right at you)? Is there an organization you can be a member of? Don’t just put your accomplishments on your resume, put them on Linked In, pur them in your About.me bio, and get creative with your marketing material.

Burlesque Performer– More and more burlesque performers are putting together resumes to get booked outside of their hometowns. Adding producer or title holder from a Burlesque competition definitely adds credibility. Writng for well recognized web publications, being featured in magazines, performing at notable venues, and being reviewed by a recognized publication also add credibility. Now I hear what you are saying, Dita Von Teese never won at a festival. No. Her credibility came from the countless magazines she had been featured on as a Model. If people will buy a magazine and know her face, then maybe they will buy a ticket to a show. This strategy worked out very well for her.


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