I always felt busy in California. While my friends were headed out to party, I was headed off to 1 of 3 jobs. Actually it became a joke amongst us. Instead of “how was work?”, it was “how many jobs do you have now?”. Once I got to NY, I seemed to keep busy, but it seems that everyone is busy (or at least faking it). When chatting with my New Jersey friends, the level of busy just doesn’t compare to my NYC busy. Ok, ok. To be fair I don’t have a lot of NY friends that work 2 part time jobs while running 2 small businesses, and maintaining unusual hobbies like pole dancing. But I haven’t simply worked a 9-5 in years and I don’t miss it. I miss the fat paycheck, but I guess being in the 99% and “living on the edge” is just more fun.

I do feel blessed that my husband has also jumped on the multitasker band wagon. He was complaining this morning about not having a 3rd job. Hilarious!