I thought April was wild with the 6 productions I had going on. I swore I wouldn’t do anything like that again at least until the fall. Now here we are, it’s only June and contain my excitement over the upcoming days:

Tonight! June 6th, I’m rocking out at Local 269 with Miss Em and JZ Bich. Nothing like a little post Miss Exotic World burlesque fun!

June 7th– Are You Hooked? The Big A** Finals.

Yep, we’ll be sending someone home a little bit richer and hopefully a little more famous. Photographer Marius Shanzer and Music Producer Jared will join me at The judges table. To check out the contestants (this will be a tough competition), visit www.areyouhooked.tumblr.com

June 7th- The Luvely Rae’s One Night Stand

After the talent show I get the pleasure of sharing the stage with a few old friends and an opportunity to make a few new friends: Minnie d’ Moocha, Rosabelle Selavy, Zoe Ziegfeld, Kay Cazzo, Red Hot Pinkie. You know I have some of the sexiest performers on the New York scene in this show.

June 19th- The Luvely Rae’s One Night Stand (check calendar for lineup)

June 23rd– Femme Vision: I’ve invited a few female choreographers/ dance instructors to present their latest works in progress in an informal showing to celebrate National Dance Week.

June 29th– Tzaddi sings Lena! at The D Lounge in New York City. If you like Jazz and you like Lena Horne, then you’ll love the artist I’m working with. Just producing this one kids, but I’ll be there front row and center.

Okay so that’s only 5 events I’m producing, just shy of 6 but still 6 chances to catch up with me. BTW, if you missed me at Hypergender burlesque on June 4th, then just know that you might find me at The Mermaid Parade on the 18th or in a flash mob on the 15th. Yay summer!