This post isn’t so much of a list of tips, as it is a review of my activies in burlesque.

Looking back on the past 8 years

by The Luvely Rae

As I am currently organizing my new craft room and planning what to do for upcoming shows, I find myself sorting through a sea of costumes, looking for the strength to depart with many items. Sadly, I lack such strength, but I did put a fair number of dresses in a little box, hopefully only to be opened if I need to loan someone a dress.

Here’s a look back at my exploration of burlesque over the past 8 years:

–          I have created over 20 acts with dedicated costumes (this does not include alternative versions of acts modified for various audiences).

–          I have no idea how many acts I’ve created that do not have dedicated songs & costumes, but were simple one off routines.

–          Of the more than 20 acts I’ve created 9 are artistic labors of love that are technically on the shelf. They will never be suitable for making any real money, are only suitable for themed shows, but artistically satisfy my soul to a point where I will happily perform them again if hired to do so.

–          There are 3 acts, 2 of which were created last year, which I expect to make most of my money from.

–          There are 6 themed acts that I would like to retain as part of my repertoire as they are artistically satisfying and strong works of art.

–          3 of the 6 acts are still in the development phase and have yet to be publicly performed.

–          I need to develop at least 2 more acts to reflect the type of work that I found myself frequently employed in 2013.

The upside to this little breakdown is that I’ve learned I am not done with burlesque. I have at least 3 more works to create before I can die happy with my burlesque career.

Another upside with a little thinking, I can create another 3 routines that are designed to pay the bills.

Here’s the downside, at least 75% of my work has been so niche that I will never really get a return on that investment. That’s huge. Budget limitations have directed much of my career let alone my life. I make it a point to never spend more than I am getting paid when coming up with a themed routine. So a ball park figure would be about $700 spent on acts that will never see a return on my investment. As I continue to upgrade my costumes I struggle with deciding between creating something temporary in order to release the work and get video of it, or keeping the concept under wraps until I can afford whatever it is I want to complete my concept.