Here’s a little something new I’m trying with The Luvely Rae’s blog.

Mondays I’ll share a little about what’s on my Mind and what Music has popped up on my playlist.

So here’s my first Mind & Music!

Monday’s Mind & Music 11/26/12

So what’s on The Luvely Rae’s mind today?Everything! My mind is swimming so much with various thoughts that the idea of writing some really long piece on this blog was kind of overwhelming (not to write it, but just thinking of my friends reading my long tirade on consumerism and simply feeling overwhelmed by it). Sooooo if a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video is worth a lot more than that.

These 3 songs are being added to my playlist this week, and they pretty much sums up where my mind is this holiday season:

Destiny’s Child: Bills

Whodini: Friends

Eminem: Business

Can I get a witness? Got a song that spells out how you’re feeling. Share it in the comments section or tweet it @theluvelyrae and I’ll holla back.