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Reagan Wilson (347) 709-4723









      Actress/ Dancer




Height: 5’5”

Weight: 118

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown




(347) 709-4723



Pulp & the Pinup


Go Go Killers!


Retro Luv: Episode 1


All the Dirty Boys and Girls


Remember the 60’s


Stage Diving


Acoustic Nerve


Rumple Who (musical)


Love Me, Love Me (cabaret)


Hell Cab


Passing Passions


Roll of Thunder


The Amen Corner


The Snow Queen

The Pinup




Narrator (V.O.)


Narrator (V.O.)


Political Activist, Mystery Woman, Hippie







Duet, Ensemble


Pregnant Woman; Shalita; Lawyer; Dispatcher (V.O.)


French Maid

Cassie Logan


Ida Jackson;

Sister Sally

Snow Queen;

Robber Grandma

Ciona Taylor Productions


The Sage Theater

Director: Rachel Klein

Podcast, I-tunes


Collective Unconscious


The Gene Frankel Theater


Director: Nancy McClernan

The Gene Frankel Theater

Writer: Kelly Haydon

The Gene Frankel Theater

Director: Helena Glissner

13th Street Repertory Theatre

Musical Director: Peter Pinto

Rising Sun Performance Co.

Director: Akia

Rising Sun Performance Co.

Director: Dan Bianchi

The Kraine Theatre

Director: Mark Harborth

National Thtr. of Performing Arts

Producer:  Pearl Hill

Behold All Things Become New

Director: Sarah Corr

Dance & Choreography Experience

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Spice! A Variety Show

One Night Stand


Jane Eyre

Remember the 60’s

A night in Amsterdam

Huck Finn


Dancer, Actor

Dancer (burlesque)

Dancer , Choreo.


Chore. (ballroom)

Dancer (cabaret)

Dancer (cabaret)

Dancer (musical thtr)

Le Poisson Rouge

Various venues

Various venues


45th Street Theater

Collective Unconscious

Gene Frankel Theater

Gene Frankel Theater

Metropolitan Playhouse


Sweet November


Boys and Girls





Bar Patron


Yoga Student



Director: Pat O’Connor

Warner Brothers

Director: Robert Iscove

Dimension Films

Director: Greg Harrison

Sony Pictures


Industrial Video

Moon Vault

Music Video: Pretty

Nash Bridges


Colleen (V.O.)

Party Girl/ Dancer

Sister to the Witness

Johnson & Johnson

Director: Shela Xoregos

Artist: Nymph

Producer: Carlton Cuse

Training:   School/ Teacher:
Advanced Commercial Technique

Advanced Acting Technique &

W/ Scene Study

Monologue Study



Weist Barron Studios

Creative Acting Company; Collette Duvall

Gail Jones/ Vicky Bush/ Frankie Simmons/ Marcus Fox

Broadway Dance Center; San Francisco State University

Special Skills:
Dance (Bronze Level, American Standard Ballroom: Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, Fox Trot, Hustle, Salsa, Tango, Samba, Merengue, Rumba, Bachatta,  Waltz; Ballet, Middle Eastern, Modern, Hip Hop, burlesque), Choreography, Singing, Creative Writing, Indoor/ Outdoor Sports (volleyball, basketball, football, Indoor Rock Climbing, Wrestling, etc.) Aerobics, Pilates, Step Aerobics, Yoga, Roller Skating, Ice Skating, Working with Children