I’m a smart busy female seeking smart busy males or smart busy females to share our stories about being smart and damn busy.

I’ve had a long history of having friends older than myself by at least 10 years. It’s no surprise that my fiance is older than me. We both have a love old movies and books that are older than our ages combined.

So I find it strange that suddenly the “friends” I spend the most time with are younger than me and though very smart, they simply don’t face the challenges I currently face and therefore either don’t understand half the shit I am saying or probably don’t really care. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good friends. They are great friends and I hope our friendships don’t end when we all move on from the current job we share. Because I enjoy having many friends, I’m currently seeking smart busy individuals who either produce shows or run a small business. If you’re struggling with budgets, contracts, publicity, time management, life management, and just being in New York, then hit me up. You can share your drama. I can share mine. We can have a laugh, and maybe we can figure out how to help each other have less drama or at least have fun trying 🙂

packing for dance class and 2 shows tonight

I welcome any photos of you busy at work either happy or swamped.




Actors who just want to talk about how great they are, need not reply.