Though Rae has been studying the art of singing for years, she is more active in the field of dance. In fact she’s been studying the art of dance for well over 15 years and has taught a few genres professionally.

These short shorts are rocked on my personal time. Questioning my professionalism is not an option.
Dancing with Silk Fans at Spice! an evening of variety. Photo by Max Neko


Dance training/ experience includes:

American Smooth (Fox Trot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz)

Argentine Tango



Belly Dancing

Cha Cha

East Coast Swing/ Jitterbug

Hip Hop

Jazz/ Musical Theater




She currently teaches Burlesque and Cabaret Choreography in both New York City and Philadelphia. In 2013 Rae created New York City’s first cabaret class designed for seniors and the visually impaired. To learn more about taking dance classes with Rae visit