I had a ton of fun on Saturday shimmying in Manhattan a few lovely ladies at my Belly Dance Striptease Workshop. Anyone who knows me and has watched a Belly Dance performance with me, knows that I am quick to tell you what I don’t like. Some people consider this snobbish on my part. Any trained professional should be able to look at the work of another artists and comment on the work (not necessarily the artist). Ballet Dancers, Ballroom Dancers, Painters, heck even Plastic Surgeons (I know I used to work for one), can look at another artist and break down the artwork for good or for bad. I remember holding auditions for a Belly Dancer and seeing dozens of American Cabaret and American Tribal Belly Dancers. It seemed like one of the longest auditions in the world. Come on, if you’ve shown up early to a Salsa dance party and taken the free lesson, should you now consider yourself a Salsa master? I hope not. There was one dancer that stood out. Excellent Technique, beautiful, and energetic. Heck, I was so amazed I got out of my seat and started dancing with her. That was how I met, Kristi Angel Gabrielle. If you can’t book me for an event, then book her. You won’t be disappointed. Talking to students on Saturday about the various styles of Belly Dancing (my training is in Egyptian Cabaret/ Raq Sharqi, Ghwaneeze, and some Turkish Cabaret), left me longing for more shimmying in my life. There are some amazing Belly Dancers in New York like Kristi and I can’t wait to meet more of them. I am also pleased to announce that I’ll be lending my “critical eye” to more Belly Dance Classes, so if you missed Saturday’s workshop then don’t worry, because there will be more before the end of February.

Looking to train your “belly dance” critical eye? Check out these modern performances:

I love, Egyptian belly dancer, Dina’s emotion in this video. Not to mention, she’s fully clothed and you can still see  her precise movements!

Turkish belly dancer Tanyeli gives a high energy performance

This video of Tais is great! I love her speed. Apparently she’s New York based and studied with Dina. Tais performs Egyptian cabaret style or Raqs Sharqi.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up Burlesque! Afterall, this was a “Belly Dance Striptease” workshop. I’ll be taking it off again on Thursday February 16th at Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off @ Bower Poetry Club. 10pm.

See you soon.

The Luvely Rae