I love dance and I love my dance friends. Sometimes my burlesque friends seem to only be able to talk about burlesque. Sometimes my pole friends only seem to think of dance in relation to pole. I’ve met countless contemporary dancers who have no appreciation for any style of dance that isn’t contemporary or ballet (they don’t even recognize burlesque and pole and dance styles). Ballet dancers who only think about pointe shoes. You see where this is going. This kind of thinking doesn’t work for me. Sure I have my preferences, but as much as I don’t like Martha Graham style modern dance, I am not going to tell you it isn’t dance. Dance is movement in motion. For this reason I created Move Me NYC.  Tonight we’re at Jimmy’s No. 43. I am excited by the idea of meeting new dancers and seeing different views on dance. Let’s strenghten the dance community. It’s time.


Move Me NYC is back tonight at Jimmy’s No. 43. This preThanksgiving evening of dance includes a shwoing of works and progress along with networking and general merry making. 

8pm, November 23rd, 2011

Jimmy’s No. 43
43 East 7th Street, NYC (6 train to Astor Place)
tickets: Free (guest are encourage to purchase food or drink)

On November 23rd we welcome:
Dashaun Wesley
Ana Sosa
Christina Marie Klessig
The Luvely Rae

* Dancers who wish to perform tonight my register at

The Luvely Rae’s One Night Stand is a Ciona Taylor Production