Tuesday’s Titilating Business Tips
with The Luvely Rae

I’ve been in New York for over 10 years and I’ve held more jobs than apartments (for those who know me, then you’d know I moved 14 times by the time I finished high school). It’s also no surprise that I’ve held multiple jobs at the same time and often while producing or performing in a show.

Busy?  You betcha!

Stressful? At times.

Ideal? Hell, no!

Having gigs back to back can be fun but if you start to forget what your cat looks like, what your bed feels like, and only see your friends when they come to one of your shows then it’s time to take a tip from Rae.

Titillating Tip #5- Take a Break!

I used to fret over what people thought when I wasn’t on stage or in the studio. Will fans think I’ve retired? Will students think I’ve quit? Will I miss out on the next big thing? If I do more will I actually be able to retire anytime soon? WilI  I actually get more done if I slow down?

As a Burlesque performer in New York City, I know a fringed pair of knickers are a dime a dozen. There’s a show every night of the week and even with 3 shows a night, there’s only 7 days in a week, with an average of 5 performers a show that’s only 105 performance spots for probably some 300 burlesque performers. That doesn’t take into account non burlesque acts, the 5 boroughs, private gigs, or payscale. Sorry but you don’t pay a new lawyer the same you would a seasoned lawyer and same goes with burlesque. So if the number of good jobs a week is 1/4th of the number of gigs… well you get my point. Just like in the acting and dance communities there’s far more talent than there are good paying jobs. But as important as it is to “get paid”, it simply doesn’t pay to be tired all the time from working or trying to find work. I have a rule of trying to take off at least 2 months out of the year. For 2 months I make it a priority to reconnect with my husband, to reogranize my house, and to hangout without friends asking for anything in return. So often when I come back to the stage in a public way, people comment in a way as if I’ve been gone for years. But think about it, if you worked for corporate American you are allowed paid time off.

Business Tip:

The take a Break rule also applies to anyone in business. Many offices have a “use it or lose it” policy when it comes to vacation time. Big Business learned a long time ago that a productive employee is a happy employee who is well rested.

Let’s face it, even track runners pace themselves. You can’t expect to sprint a 26 mile run. So give yourself a break. Go ahead. Enjoy. Don’t worry the fans will still be there and who knows you may find yourself with more satisfying work experiences as a result of your brie hiatus.

How do you like to relax on your down time? A cup of tea? A cocktail with friends? Share your titilating tips with Rae, comment below or tweet @theluvelyrae.