Vegan Chocolate: Yes dancers do eat


The Luvely Rae

Chocolate. I’m a huge fan of chocolate. Thankfully being vegan I have developed pretty good self control. I can walk past that Hershey’s bar or Peanut M&M’s knowing that the sugar aftertaste wouldn’t compare to the rich smokey chocolatey goodness of high quality vegan chocolate. During the holiday season, I’m all about making chocolate brownies, chocolate date balls, chocolate chip cookies, and drinking hot cocoa. But during the rest of the year, chocolate is a treat. Here are a few vegan chocolates to splurge on:

Vosges Vegan/ Gluten Free Luscious Chocolate Truffles


I’ve given myself this vegan treat 2 or 3 times now. The first time was after a flight from Chicago to New York City. I stopped to pick up some chocolate bars with bacon for my spouse and low and behold this box reading “Luscious” jumped out at me. $25 for 12 tasty truffles. These are a great way to let your favorite vegan know they are loved. Of take a tip from my book and get a box for yourself. Buy some here

Fine & Raw


Ok, so I was less impressed with Fine & Raw. I receive a bar as a gift and I don’t remember which bar I ate. The chocolate was rich, but it didn’t leave me eager to run out and buy more. I think it’s a little over priced at $7 for but I love the graphic design on the packages. In fact, I remember the wrapper more than I remember the chocolate. Buy some here

Newman’s O’s


Okay so look sometimes a girl is on a budget, she has no time to bake, and she just needs a damn chocolate fix. Meet Newman’s O’s. A slightly healthier version of Oreo cookies, these dunkable bad boys can cure any chocolate craving. Of course you may just find yourself craving more O’s and find that half a container of almond milk and 15 cookies later, you’ve just made a pig of yourself. No matter. You can shimmy it off later. Apparently Newman also makes Vegan Chocolate bars too. Buy them here