Wednesday Photo Fun Day

 with The Luvely Rae

With it being a “New Year” I’ve been making a list and checking it twice in regards to the things I want to do before I exit this world. This list making process has lead me to train harder in some areas, get more organized (or simply take a time to organize things that have long been negelected), and simpy refocus. It’s also lead me to many moments of “ugh, I’m not good enough”. In New York a great deal of emphasis is placed on what you have. Pop culture is screaming in my face daily about what others have. At some point, the brain goes from “what I want” to “what I don’t have”. I decided today’s picture would be dedicated to reminding me of what I have. Friends, an artistic vision, the drive to keep pushing myself to be better, a passion for making the impossible possible. I had 3 days to prepare this pole routine. This photo is from rehearsal. I still don’t have my own pole yet or my own performance space, but I do have an awesome pair of homemade dumb ears. Thanks Caroline Chu for this photo.